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Collection of photographs depicting railroad structures, engines, incidents, and workers on the Villa Grove C. & E. I.


Camargo Township District Library
Leland "Larry" Baird

Collection Items

Depot (1970)
Circa 1970 - Looking at the north side of the depot

Section Workers of C & EI
Section workers repairing tracks of C & EI

C & EI Steam Engine #1044
C & EI steam engine number 1044-two men standing by side

C & EI Train Yards
C & EI train yards in Villa Grove -early 1900's

C & EI Time Table (1899)
Photo of the cover of a C & EI Local Time Table effective 1899

Steam Engine (C & EI?)
Steam engine (C & EI?) and 7 men in railroad yard

Kenneth Talkington in Engine Cab
Kenneth Talkington sitting in cab of C & EI engine ca 1950-60

C & EI Depot (1900)
C & EI Depot in early 1900's

C & EI Shops (1910)
C & EI Shops in 1910, showing steam hammer and Dolph Chamberlain plus one other man

C & EI Railroad Depot (1893)
C & EI Railroad Depot in Old Town (Villa Grove) 1893 Ten men/boys
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