Our Collections

All of the collections on this site are provided by patrons and maintained by staff. The collections that you view on this site are physically stored within the genealogy department at the Camargo Township District Library in Villa Grove, IL.

Digitization Process

We use a CanoScan 9000F to digitize all images, negatives, etc. Using Photoshop CS5, we then create two digital images:

  1. Uncompressed TIFF (Full-quality)
  2. 60% Quality JPEG (Lesser-quality)
We then ensure that the first image is at least 300 DPI while the second image is at least 72 DPI. DPI refers to the density or the amount dots or pixels per inch used to digitially capture the image.

Archival Process

The first image is digitally stored in-house, and the second image is digitally stored in-house and uploaded onto this website.


Requests can be made to obtain the first or "full-quality" image. Navigate to our Contact page for any inquiry.